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Apr 28, - Because Mulholland Drive was originally going to be a television series, Lynch and his casting directors had to pick actors and actresses who would I never make anyone read a scene because then I want to start rehearsing—no matter who it is. . Watts's tears in the masturbation scene were genuine. 10 Best Masturbation Scenes in Honor of Christine O’Donnell Leticia. Age: 25. Hello to you, that decided to take a moment to check out who i am Alex Withrow August 27, at 4: Shute, tied with animated film So Much for So Little. Sep 17, - Mulholland Drive. It's a brief moment, but in that brief moment, David Lynch sums up the entirety of Betty Elms's (Naomi Watts) existence in Hollywood by showing her crying on the couch, mascara clinging to her cheeks. She is shaking, sobbing, and as the camera slowly pans down, we see that she's also. Alison. Age: 26. Thank you for passing by, please call me Naomi GamesRadar+ Oct 30, - 'Mulholland Drive': Highlights From The Criterion Collection Interviews With David Lynch, Naomi Watts & More. Naomi Watts did not want to perform the notorious masturbation scene in the movie and said it was extremely difficult to go through with. Watts said, to make matters worse, possibly from nerves. Oct 19, - Me and my friend think the most brilliant masturbation scene is in Mulholland Drive. Everything getting blurry, then clear. Naomi Watts is great. First she's crying and she's so upset and trying to dull the pain of of Camilla, then she just gets angry and focused, and those last few thrusts of the hand are quite.

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Maddalena. Age: 18. Girl Friend experience for privat time, great evening, sensual massage and more May 28, - Of Phallic Keys and Ugly Masturbation: Let's Talk About 'Mulholland Drive' I'm gonna try to analyze Mulholland Drive for sexual desire week. To drive it all home, the second story treats us to a long, ugly scene where Diane angrily cries while she masturbates, because that's what her life has become. Dec 17, - This early scene is where Mulholland Drive sets its cards on the table: the lurch you feel when you see that creature is only a taste of a greater foreboding yet It's not the monsters, the topless scenes or the world's most miserable portrayal of female masturbation (a scene that, depressingly, now streams on. Mulholland Drive appears in the Top Ten of the best scenes of masturbation, seen in the film. Friday 29 January | 0 comments. Mulholland Drive appears in the Top Ten of the best scenes of masturbation, seen in. Filmin It shows us a Top Ten of the best views in film masturbaciones, in that scene that stars Naomi Watts.


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