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Nov 18, - My husband never wants sex and doesn't even cuddle me. I yearn for love or Some couples have no, or little, sex but a lot of intimacy, and function well and are happy. Coker continues: “His parents not being overly affectionate with each other doesn't necessarily explain why your husband is like this. When Your Husband Doesn’t Want Sex - What to Do Becky. Age: 20. Self confident and always dressed in perfect occassion i love finer things in life and can entertain you in many different ways. I like the quiet moments and the pleasant conversational ours at the fireplace. Not sure how he will react, but however he reacts, you just be loving and kind. She had learned to live with her husband's physical and emotional distance, but her heart still longed to be wanted and touched sexually. The stereotype of a man pressuring his wife for sex does not apply to every relationship: there are many women who experience just the opposite. Even when a woman is not the sexual. Irma. Age: 24. Coco Chanel The utter humiliation of being with a man who never wants to make love to you Jan 20, - It is confusing to hear female friends complain about husbands who want it all the time and then come back to a home where no one is pursuing her. Our culture feeds the notion that men are There are several reasons why a husband doesn't want sex with his wife. Physical reasons – It's always good to. Nov 8, - In greater than 90% of the people I've worked with, the reason a husband's initiations fell off was because his testosterone levels were falling or because he was substituting porn for sex with his wife. Or both. I'm not saying that there are never any other causes; of course there are. He could be depressed.

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Shae. Age: 25. Hello gentlemen lets spend some time togather I'm discreet, outgoing, fun and will make you feel relaxed and releave some of that every day stress that life can bring with a soft touch, small waist and cute face you'll be sure to come back for more please check out my website for more information Sep 16, - A person (husband or wife) is capable of having little to no desire for sex (low libido) and still having sex with their spouse. Spouses . Maybe your husband has not turned to porn, but rather he fills his time with hobbies (like video games) or other projects and he has no desire for you sexually because you. Jun 5, - What do you do when you're married and your partner doesn't want to have sex any more? What's the answer? I'm very, very careful to make sure my wife never finds out. I've been doing it for She says her husband had been in a sexless marriage for 45 years until his wife died. "My advice to men in. Mar 31, - Just like the title says, my husband shows no interest in sex, conversation or even the slightest bit of intimacy with me. I have started to bitterly Two other times in the past 12 years, I was told he wasn't going to look at the stuff anymore and as the "good wife" I took his word. Now, all the truth has come.


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