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Feb 5, - A major rite of passage in life is losing one's virginity. It's like a first impression; you only get one chance with it. We all remember how we did the deed for the first time. Several of our favorite celebs and musicians have not been shy about revealing key details about losing their virginity in and to the media. What Age Celebs Lost Their Virginity Lana. Age: 25. I have long blonde hair and stand at five foot six inches I think I would have been much more in touch with myself. Apr 27, - While some celebs, such as Adriana Lima, waited until marriage to give up their V cards, others — including Joe Jonas — ditched the purity rings after their teenage years while some (Kim Kardashian and George Clooney, for example) were still in high school. From the extremely awkward to the really. Daylene. Age: 21. Bonjour mon cher! Merci de m’avoir choisi! Je m’appelle Marinne How Old Were These Celebrities When They Lost Their Virginity? Mar 22, - Talking about losing your virginity is almost as awkward as actually doing it, but thankfully, there are plenty of celebrities who have opened up about what it was like to lose their v-card, and their stories range from hilarious to heartbreaking and everything in between. Celebrities often open up about. Jun 16, - Losing your virginity. It's stressful, exciting, traumatizing and unforgettable all at the same damn time. For celebrities, it's pretty much the same. Fortunately, though, millions of people don't know when we lost ours (or if we're still holding on for dear life).

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Marica. Age: 24. I'm a fashion major May 30, - All the dirty details on how these celebs lost their V-plates. Oct 13, - A list of celebrities who went all the way for the first time with other stars. Or perhaps not surprisingly if you think about it.


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